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We offer information, support, and tools for people who are dealing with compulsive eating and food addiction. In Finland, we are the sole provider of targeted support and help on food addiction. Our goal is to help people with compulsive eating and food addiction, and to increase knowledge on the national level about factors leading to obesity.

What is compulsive eating?

Compulsive eating can be determined as a behaviour where one loses control of eating repeatedly. Compulsive eating can occur as constant snacking, binging, emotional eating, and going back and forth between overeating and fasting. Generally, the action is driven by a desire for pleasure and relief from difficult emotions. Compulsive eating has wide negative consequences on both physical and mental health as well as the social wellbeing of individuals.

What is food addiction?

Food addiction occurs as a strong desire towards food and eating, combined with an inability to stop eating despite the negative consequences. Food addiction shares many features with other addictions and is currently studied from the perspective of substance-related and addictive disorders. So far, no diagnostic criteria have been established. Nevertheless, food addiction is widely recognized among people with compulsive eating and especially among those with history of other addictions.

What do we do?

We offer online group meetings with professional guidance and organize online peer support groups led by other peers. We train healthcare professionals to recognize the background factors of compulsive eating and increase knowledge on the recognition of food addiction.
Our main goal is to search for the individual background factors which have led to compulsiveness of eating and food addiction. Our group meetings cover themes ranging from life values and motivation to nutrition and self-compassion to emotional skills. Our work is based on the trauma-informed approach.

Where to find us?

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